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Have you heard of the term 'Cumbercookies'? It's to replace 'Cumberbitches' as Benedict seems uncomfortable with that term (you can hardly blame such a gentleman). You see if we call ourselves individually Cumbercookies then as a whole we're a Cumberbatch of Cumbercookies. I think he'd really like that. It's fantabulous, spread the word please! Ta.

I’ve received lots of emails like this over the past couple of days so not sure if there is some sort of campaign going on somewhere but I’ve always said call yourselves whatever makes you happy. If you like Cumberbitches because you think its witty or you want to take back the meaning of the word bitch, or you prefer to say you’re part of the Cumbercollective, or a Cumberbabe or a Cumberbunny or a Cumbercookie or just use the term plain old “fan” like I do then knock yourselves out. Whatever makes you happy.

As for it replacing Cumberbitches? As far as the media is concerned I’m afraid that’s a completely and totally lost cause for which I will curse that Alan Carr researcher to the grave. The fans are “Cumberbitches” - the media is never ever going to use anything else. As terms go it’s short, pithy, soundbite friendly, carries an aura of naughtiness and is suitably unusual that it’s a gift for any journalist who doesn’t have a clue who he is and needs an intro question “So your fans call themselves Cumberbitches? What’s up with that?”.

The mainstream media is also generally absolutely terrible at portraying fans and fandom (if you’re a man you’re a Trek/Who loving single sad bastard in a cagoule who probably train spots at weekends, if you’re a woman you’re either under the age of 18 or a cat loving spinster over the age of 40, either way female fans generally get portrayed as utterly hysterical) and the term Cumberbitches fits quite nicely with the “squealey girls” concept that they’re fond of and joins the tradition of terms like Twi-Hards, One Directioners etc.

The only way I can see them not using it is if Benedict absolutely puts his foot down and refuses to allow it to be mentioned in interviews which I just don’t see happening (unless of course he gets sick to death of it being used as filler in interviews)as he’s not that type of person and hell some of you love the term.

So I will continue to eyeroll every time the term is used and award minus points for publications that use it in the header but it’s never going away.

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