Benedict Cumberbatch (& co-stars)- Upcoming Apperances

The second in my weekly round up of where you can see Benedict Cumberbatch and his co-stars in the coming weeks:

Benedict Cumberbatch


Currently can be seen in cinemas playing Peter Guillam in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy which has been number 1 at the UK box office for 2 weeks!

Third Star is now available to purchase from on-line retailers such as Amazon and for download from sites such as Itunes.

All 3 Wreckers screenings at the London film festival have now sold out. Stand by tickets are available for all screenings on the day from 30 minutes before but you will need to queue. Wreckers is released in the UK on 16 December in cinemas and for home viewing on Curzon on demand (UK only).


Currently filming the lead role in Parades End which will be filming until December.

A preview screening of the first episode of Sherlock series 2 - A Scandal in Belgravia will be aired at the BFI on 6 December 2011 followed by a Q&A with cast & crew. Tickets go on sale to members on 1 November 2011. For those who can’t attend the Q&A will likely be filmed and highlights aired on BFI Live the BFI’s video channel.

Sherlock co-stars

Louise Brealey - Appearing in 66 Books at the Bush Theatre from 10-29 October. 66 Books is a series of readings from the King James Bible. Doesn’t look like you can search by cast so the only way to see everyone would be to opt for one of the 24 hour performances! Others appearing include Arthur Darvil and Indira Varma.

Bertie Carvel (Sebastian in The Blind Banker) - About to open as Mrs Trunchbull in Matilda in the West End. The first 5 previews were cancelled this week so the show now starts on 25 October 2011

Martin Freeman - still being a hobbit.

Also has a cameo in What’s Your Number a fairly poorly reviewed rom-com which is due for release in cinemas soon starring Chris Evans (Captain America) and Anna Faris. Martin plays Anna’s English ex and Total Film describes his role thusly:

"Martin Freeman’s friendly face pops up as her charming English ex but doesn’t get to do much…"

Mark Gatiss -

Will be on your TV screens on Saturday evening in the Doctor Who finale The Wedding of River Song looking somewhat unrecognisable as a one eyed viking called Gantok.

In October BBC Radio 4 Extra will be airing a story called Black Butterfly written and read by Mark.

Appearing in the NT’s readings of the King James Bible. He will be appearing in the Gospel according to Luke on October 22nd at 6:00 p.m. and on November 5th at 8:30 p.m. Tickets have been on sale for a while and are going quite fast. Benedict’s After the Dance co-star Nancy Carroll also appears in this reading.

Mark will also be doing a talk at the Barbican on horror along with Jonathan Rigby on October 11th at 7:00 p.m.

Finally as a Halloween treat Mark will be appearing in Stories before Bedtime on Friday 28th October at the Criterion Theatre in London at 10:30 p.m. He will be reading E.F.Bensen and Tim McInnery will be reading MR James. Tickets cost £12.50 each

Vinette Robinson - Will be playing Ophelia to Michael Sheen’s Hamlet at the Young Vic from 28 October to 21st January 2012. The theatre released a new wave of tickets this week.

Andrew Scott - Whats on Stage have reported that Andrew will be appearing in the Gospel According to John at the NT. Please note that his name is still not yet advertised on the NT site and therefore I guess you need to bear that in mind if you’re thinking of booking. This reading is on 23 October and 6 November - both at 2:00 p.m.

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