Just a quick update on Hamlet. A lot of people have been asking me about refunds in case they buy a ticket and can’t attend. I spoke to the Barbican and they confirmed that they offer a ticket exchange service (as referenced in the FAQ ) but of course practically you are unlikely to be able to exchange to another performance as they’ll probably sell out.

But they also confirmed that if you return your tickets to the Barbican (and they do need the physical tickets and need to receive them 24 hours before the show) if you can’t attend they can at their discretion attempt to sell them on your behalf and if they re-sell the tickets your card gets refunded. Again given its a popular show the chances that people will want returns is high. So for anyone fretting that they might end up with a ticket they can’t get a refund for as long as you can get the tickets to the Barbican to return them they can attempt to sell them for you.

Any word on what Benedict wore to go incognito on the San Diego Comic Con exhibit floor? My friend who was there says she saw a tall thin man in a somewhat ill fitting tan suit walking around with shoulders slumped and a Darth Vader mask on late on Friday afternoon. She swears it was him.

No idea I’m afraid. Given Benedict wore the tee he arrived on the plane in to his Hobbit panel I’m not sure how likely it is he was wandering around in a dodgy suit ;) I suspect he didn’t walk the hall but hell its far more fun to think he did. What costume would you want him to wear?

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Hi! I see these worries people have about not getting Hamlet tickets, when it’s a year to the performances. But the Richard III has a lot of tickets left to many dates and it’s like 2 weeks away. So I was just curious, do you think Benedict is overall more popular than Martin, cause I thought they would be on the kinda same level. Me myself is far more excited for Richard than Hamlet heh. Or maybe it’s just the Hamlet story is more popular than Richard? thanks for an awesome informative blog!

I think with all the love and respect to Martin that there is a degree of frenzy where Benedict is concerned that doesn’t quite surround Martin. Richard III has sold very well and several dates are sold out but I would expect Benedict’s run to sell out. People will want to see “Sherlock on stage”

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wybreda asked:

Hello Naomi, I've been wondering why the Barbican is selling tickets for Hamlet so far in advance. On the one hand, it's good for people form outside the UK to plan their journey and find cheaper flights, but on the other, it's very hard to predict what one'll be doing in 12 months' time. Do you think the Barbican would be willing to refund the ticket if in the meantime someone falls ill or something serious happens? Thanks, Malwina :)

Theatre here tends to either get announced & tickets go on sale that day or the major theatres announce their seasons programming so you’re never booking that far ahead but I have booked theatre a year in advance before. If you mean will you get a refund if you go and Benedict happens to be off sick that night? Well it rather depends. Its very much being sold as Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet and sometimes productions will refund and cancel the show if the lead is off. However if he has a fully trained understudy ready to go on I’m afraid you’d just get the understudy. That did happen on a couple of occasions for Frankenstein.

But yes obviously if Benedict were to pull out etc the tickets would be refunded.

hihi:) just to say thank you for everything you do for this fandom, you're like a queen so ty:) also I read on an Instagram post thing that bc picked up a fan or something, at comicon? just wondering if you have any information on that particular subject:) if so, then that's a lucky fan😳☺️

Thats awfully sweet of you but I’m not a queen. Thoughtful of you though. I don’t comment on Benedict’s personal life but I presume you’re referring to the girl who posted today a story about how a couple of days ago she ended up having breakfast next to Benedict and when she finally plucked up the courage to talk to him he was clearly aware that she’d been waiting to do so and he had a chat with her and her mum over breakfast. Unless you are a remarkably broad minded soul I don’t think any chat with a boy constitutes being picked up if your mum is sat right there :)

Hello! I know this isn't a question but I would really appreciate it if you could post this because I've have a few BC fans get snotty with me about BC Playing Hamlet. Ben will never be the best Hamlet, there never will be a 'best Hamlet' there will only be Great Hamlets, so many amazing actors have played the part. Please refrain from saying that Ben will be the best especially if you haven't seen other performances to compare it to. Thank you!

I shall post it as requested but on your own head be it. I’m not a fan of telling people what they shouldn’t say but yes indeed of course many many many actors have played Hamlet. So far (either live, on film or via recordings) I’ve seen Kenneth Branagh, Rory Kinnear, Ben Whishaw, Simon Russell Beale, David Tennant, Jude Law, Ethan Hawke, Mel Gibson (might want to skip those last two), Michael Sheen, an all female version several years ago which was immense and my personal favourite Stephen Dillane. Not to mention countless amateur productions. Every actor brings their own interpretation and vibrancy to the text as indeed will Benedict. 

But don’t be harsh on those who haven’t seen the role played before and in their excitement may be declaring Benedict to be the best ever a year before he sets foot on the stage. That enthusiasm to support Benedict will mean that people who may never have seen Hamlet before will be buying tickets to see it at the Barbican and hopefully they’ll love the experience so much that they might go pick up a £5 groundling ticket to the Globe and discover a love of theatre and Shakespeare.

Hi Naomi, I've read that you can't purchase Barbican membership anymore before Hamlet pre-sales. Do you happen to know if that's true?

Not to my knowledge. Just that you can’t buy it at the same time as you try and make a ticket purchase. 

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Hi, I'm so sorry - I know you've answered this plenty of times before, but I'll be seeing Martin in Richard III on Tuesday and the tickets for that are reasonably priced, what makes you reckon Hamlet will be in that £90s?

I would think slightly more expensive than Richard III. When I saw Cate Blanchett at the Barbican 3 years ago my stall seat was £65. Top price for Richard III is £69.50. Top price for The Book of Mormon (by the Hamlet producer) is £150. I would expect stalls to range between £60 + £85 but again its impossible to guess really. Hopefully they let us know soon.

Just a silly question re Hamlet. Im a short person, having been to many events and been stuck behind someone built like a brick outhouse. Should I try for seats near the front, or will I be safe further back.

Have a look at the seating plan on Theatremonkey http://www.theatremonkey.com/BARBICANMAINstalls.htm Seats in red are fine just probably not your first choice.

Seats are quite raked from what I recall. Best view is probably 6/7 rows back in the centre.

Hi, this is probably a silly question, but do you know the website that will be used to purchase tickets for Hamlet? And can you remind of the dates they go on sale? Thank you!


Priority online/telephone booking for Red Members: Fri 1 Aug, 10am
Priority online/telephone booking for Orange Members: Mon 4 Aug, 10am
General on-sale: Mon 11 Aug, 10am