conchs82 asked:

Naomi, Let people know that I found someome for the ticket. Thank you for posting. I do not know how you do it every day. Bless you.

Will do. You’re very sweet.

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mad-maenad asked:

Could you let your poster asking about hotels in the area around the Barbican that they can also check out airb&b for rooms? Sometimes you can find a nice one for less than a hotel and it's vetted and not scary.

They can indeed. Some nice apartments on airbnb. Usually very economical too

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conchs82 asked:

Naomi, I have one extra ticket for the Imitation Game at the LFF for thursday Oct 9th 3:15. I will give it away for free. I was a little nervous when they went on sale and got two when I only needed one. They can reach me via tumblr or twitter conchs82@clc5t. Thank you.

That’s very kind of you. Any interested contact the lovely lady direct.

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Hi there, I'm not sure if this would be the place to ask this but I'm not sure, and this website does provide very reliable information. So, hopefully you could help me with this? I have managed to get tickets to Hamlet. I now realize that the membership that I have paid for expires before the play will commence. Will I have to renew the membership in order to collect my tickets for Hamlet?

No. You just needed the membership to access the priority booking period for the tickets. You don’t need to have a current membership to collect them.

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Can you recommend a hotel near the Barbican Centre, please Going to see Hamlet next year, but I don't know that area of London well, so I need a bit of help! Thanks!!

The Barbican is right in the middle of the City so it’s not in an area with an abundance of hotels. Those that are in the area will be expensive and aimed at business travellers. The nearest seems to be this Thistle Hotel

It depends on how many nights you’re looking to stay. If you’re looking at a week’s trip you might be better off looking for a nice apartment somewhere in Zone 1 on something like AirBnB or Homeaway as to be frank if you’re going to look at a City hotel that won’t be cheap. Or look at chain hotels like Travelodge or Premier Inn - if you book far enough in advance you can get those quite cheap sometimes. You’ll find both in Tower Hill which is about a 30 minute walk to the Barbican. Spitalfields/Shoreditch is also nearby and very nice if you’re looking for a good area to stay.

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Some more outtakes from Benedict Cumberbatch’s Time Out photoshoot

What is the Sherlocked Event? Where is it being held? Thanks!

They haven’t announced a date or a venue yet. The website is here

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debydiosa asked:

Hi! First of all, thank you so much for this wonderful blog, you give lots of nice info about our favorite person in the world :) I wanted to ask you if there is any word on when could it be The Hobbit premiere in London as I would like to go with my brother, but we live in Spain and we would have to get everything planned to get there around the date. Thank you in advance! You rock!!

I’m afraid they haven’t announced premiere dates yet. I know people are hoping that the world premiere of the final film is held in London but not known as yet. 

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.@teebusters have an adorable Smaug design on sale today. Use the code for 10% off

Morning! Is there any word as to whether or not The Hollow Crown will be broadcast in the US?

Not as yet but then its not due to air on the BBC till 2016 so a bit early yet. I think PBS aired the previous set.

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